Our Vision

Creating opportunities through sports, entrepreneurship & skills development for the marginalised youths & women in our community.

The Zodwa Khoza Foundation (ZKF) is a Non-Profit company which was founded in 2011 aimed at supporting youth, women, the elderly and child headed households.

Our Mission

To help develop the skills, leadership and business potential of youth through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects.

By helping the youth and children to achieve their full potential in sport, skills development, empowerment and entrepreneurship, the ZKF seeks to foster an environment where opportunities will be made available to them to have access to opportunities that assist them in making something of their lives against all odds.

Providing young individuals with specific goals to achieve, will allow them to take responsibility for their own lives and undoubtedly be of great value for them, regardless of where they come from or their backgrounds.

How we realise our dream?

Across townships in Soweto and South Africa as a whole , strong entrepreneurial support is sought and can be the foundation on which poverty and crime is alleviated. If we can support and grow effective skills development in the various entrepreneurial spaces, we can create productive economies in our townships.

Growing Entrepreneurs

Extending assistance toward entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to gain relevant skills and business acumen within a supportive environment to start and grow their businesses.

Safe Environment

Enhancing the quality of life through sports, social and life skills programs by providing safe facilities for residents from all walks of life to engage, grow and learn.

Support & Guidence

To foster an environment where support and guidance will be made available to community members that will assist them in making something of their lives against all odds.