Our Focus

The Zodwa Khoza Foundation has made significant strides in its mission to support the youth through the Kasi Gains projects and activations. There is a pressing need to provide focused skills development opportunities for underprivileged youth who face difficulties in advancing their education.

In the Diepkloof area and its neighboring regions, many families grapple with extreme poverty as a result of limited accessible permanent employment options.

Our Six Pillars


The Zodwa Khoza Foundation offers Students Maths, Science & English Literacy Lessons on Saturdays.

Skills & Entrepreneurship Development

We invite experts of various industries to educate young entrepreneurs on how to build sustainable businesses.

Food Security & Agricultural Development

We teach the community on the importance of growing their own food by starting veggie gardens at their homes.

Youth & Women Empowerment

This platform is used to give a voice to all women who want to participate in the upliftment and empowerment of others.

Sports Development

We provide sports development facilities like soccer, tennis, netball & basketball.


The Zodwa Khoza Day Hospital, is the development of a day hospital for the community of Diepkloof and surrounding areas.

Entrepreneurial & Skills Development Centre

The newly build Skills development Centre is a pioneering project in our township where we aim to focus on the development of various entrepreneurial skills. We believe the centre will afford the youth and the elderly who are looking after orphans with an opportunity to improve their livelihood and contribute to the country’s economic development.

Training Room

The training room will be a space used to facilitate training programs as well as act as a space for after school homework classes facilitated by volunteer tutors.

Wellness centre

The wellness centre will be for all exercise and fitness training needs of the community as well as training, holistic and homeopathic living.

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities and programmes are use to identify, nurture and develop local talent in our community.

Sewing & Crafts room

This room provides a facility for training and upskilling of individuals in the use of related machinery and sewing projects to generate income.


The community needs to be empowered through reading and writing. The library will be made available to everyone to help improve literacy skills within the community.

Computer Room

The computer room will ensure that members of the community receive training in the digital space which we believe to be a critical life skill.

Our Partners